November 17, 1934 - A little trickeration for the win

By Olson

Northwestern scored 1st on a 4th down plunge. Then Layden pulled something straight out of Rockne. From the ND Scholastic writeup on the game:

"Rey Bonar began calling signals. Steve Miller, cast in the role of stupid fellow, checked the signals. Bonar turned and started toward his mates behind the line, crying as he went, 'What's the matter, can't you guys hear the SIGNALS?' At the sound of the word 'signals' Hank Pojman snapped the ball and the relaxed, slumbering Wildcats were astonished to see Pilney dash..."

Irish center Pojman hiked the ball directly to LHB Pilney who ran for a TD.

The Wildcats never recovered, with Melinovich and Shakespeare also adding TD runs (although no tricks were involved). The final score would read 20-7. Irish.

Keywords: football, northwestern, elmer layden, knute rockne, rey bonar, steve miller, hank pojman, andy pilney, george melinovich, william shakespeare

Posted On: 2014-09-22 00:15:03 by Olson

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