Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I stay up to date with events?

    Be sure to come back every day! Bookmark our site or choose from the options below:

  • Q: What is the Spotlight Series?

    The Spotlight Series highlights individual's achievements related to specific events. The people featured in the Spotlight Series will be well-known and lesser known athletes, as well as other influential people.

  • Q: What is the Historical Series?

    The Historical Series will look at the global impact Notre Dame has had in national and international events.

  • Q: What is the Alumni Seires?

    The Alumni Series acknowledges alumni who have made a name for themselves after graduation.

  • Q: I know of an event, but it's not listed anywhere.

    There are two possibilities as to why it's not listed. First, the event may not have been posted yet. A new event is posted daily so be sure to check back and see if it has since been posted once that day has past. If after the date has past the event is still not listed, then we may not know about the event. Be sure to tell fill out our online form (located here) and let us know the information about the event you have in mind.

  • Q: How can I suggest events to add?

    Fill out our online form located here and include as many details about the event as possible. Please also include any references to validate the event as well. If there are any questions about your information, someone will contact you to follow up on your suggestion.

  • Q: Why am I not allowed to post comments?

    Due to too many in appropriate comments, you have been added to our block list. You may continue to view the information on the site but cannot add any new comments.