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October 9, 1943:  ND's Second Win Over Michigan Comes from the Longest Quarter
     In a battle of #1 verse #2, Notre Dame would enter Michigan Stadium for the first time since 1909.

October 4, 2014:  Weathering the Storm to Survive
     On a day that saw half of the top ten lose, Notre Dame would come back in the final minutes to stay undefeated.

September 27, 2014:  The Two Sides of the Golson Coin
     With forty minutes of excellence and twenty minutes of futility, ND would overcome their mistakes and win the game.

November 26, 1914:  Notre Dame defeats another eastern power
     Ray Eichenlaub would be back to full strength and be a force on both sides of the ball.

November 14, 1914:  Another win verse the Indian Universities
     After defeating Haskell, Notre Dame would take down Pop Warner's Carlisle Indian School squad.

November 7, 1914:  Army used the forward pass to win
     A year after Notre Dame shocked the world, Army used the forward pass to win this year.

October 31, 1914:  Irish win their first matchup against Haskell
     The second win in a row, would be the first of five against Haskell.

October 24, 1914:  The Shift begins to take form
     Notre Dame would rebound on the road against South Dakota as a new offense begins to be instilled.

October 17, 1914:  Yale uses rugby plays to win
     Yale would snap Notre Dame's winning and unbeaten streak.

October 10, 1914:  A blowout victory
     Notre Dame would stretch their unbeaten streak to 27 games from 1910-1914.

October 3, 1914:  Without Rockne and Dorais, the team still wins
     In a new year and a new team, Harper would continue his winning ways.

December 8, 1934:  Getting the other important win - Southern Cal
     Elmer Layden would not show any favoritism and finally play his younger brother, in a victory of Southern Cal.

November 24, 1934:  Shutting down the Cadets
     In the annual Yankee Stadium game against Army, Notre Dame would win the third straight against the Cadets.

November 17, 1934:  A little trickeration for the win
     In a play similar to "coach, we've got the wrong ball", Notre Dame would emerge victorious.

November 10, 1934:  The final loss on the season
     Notre Dame would control the ball but be unable to score.

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