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March 13, 2015:  Moving to the Conference Finals
     In the third game against Duke this season, Notre Dame would win for the second time and advance to the conference tournament finals for the first time ever.

March 12, 2015:  The First ACC Tournament Win
     The Irish would have to wait until their second season in the ACC to log a tournament game win.

January 4, 2002:  Fr. Hesburgh carries the Olympic Torch
     Fr. Hesburgh would carry the Olympic Torch through Notre Dame's campus.

July 13, 2000:  President Clinton awards Fr. Hesburgh with Congressional Gold Medal
     Fr. Hesburgh is awarded the highest civilian honor from Congress.

September 14, 1964:  President Johnson awards Fr. Hesburgh the Medal of Freedom
     Fr. Hesburgh receives the highest civilian honor awarded by President Johnson.

September 9, 1957:  Fr. Hesburgh appointed to Commission on Civil Rights
     President Eisenhower appoints Fr. Hesburgh to the six member Commission on Civil Rights.

June 27, 1952:  Fr. Hesburgh is appointed 15th President of Notre Dame
     Fr. Hesburgh would be named the 15th president of Notre Dame.

March 6, 2015:  The Longest College Hockey Game Ever
     Five hours and forty-nine minutes later, a pair of NCAA records would be set with Notre Dame ending on the wrong side of the victory.

June 10, 1940:  Fr. Hesburgh returns to the US
     With World War II engulfing Europe, Fr. Hesburgh would return to his native soil.

February 10, 1991:  Fr. Hesburgh is interviewed on C-SPAN
     Following the release of Fr. Hesburgh's autobiography, he is interviewed on C-SPAN.

August 16, 1939:  Fr. Hesburgh professed Final Vows
     Fr. Hesburgh professed Final Vows.

August 16, 1936:  Fr. Hesburgh makes First Profession of Vows
     Fr. Hesburgh made his First Profession of Vows

August 15, 1935:  Fr. Hesburgh received into Congregation
     Fr. Hesburgh is received into the Congregation of Holy Cross.

July 21, 1964:  Fr. Hesburgh and Martin Luther King Jr.
     Fr. Hesburgh and Martin Luther King Jr. would link arms and stand together at a rally in Chicago.

February 26, 2015:  Fr. Hesburgh Passes Away
     At the age of 97, President Emeritus Fr. Theodore Hesburgh passed away at Holy Cross House.

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