Spotlight Series

November 4, 1922:  Paul Castner (1918-1922)
     Paul Castner would prove he was an all-around player and star in every aspect of the game.

May 2, 2004:  Fr. Joyce (1952-1987)
     Executive Vice President of Notre Dame from 1952 to 1987, Father Edmund P. "Ned" Joyce passes away.

March 7, 1970:  Austin Carr (1968-1971)
     Austin Carr set the NCAA record for points in a NCAA Tournament game.

February 9, 1962:  Fr. Hesburgh (1951-1987)
     Father Hesburgh would quickly rise to the presidency at Notre Dame and from there an international delegate.

January 19, 1974:  Digger Phelps (1971-1991)
     UCLA & John Wooden were winners of 88 straight. John Walton and his teammates would leave defeated.

December 16, 1953:  Johnny Lattner (1951-1953)
     Johnny Lattner would cap his fantastic college career by becoming Notre Dame's fourth Heisman winner.

November 15, 1967:  Carl 'Yaz' Yastrzemski (1957-1958)
     One of the greatest baseball players of all time not only was a Notre Dame product but collected some big awards.

October 29, 1993:  Haley Scott DeMaria (1991-1995)
     Following an accident, surgery, and rehabilitation, Haley Scott returns to the pool and is at the top of her game.

September 24, 1966:  Jim Seymour (1965-1969)
     Two guys in the first game of their careers would make an immediate impact and make themselves known to all.

September 20, 2009:  Golden Tate (2007-2009)
     Golden Tate found a new way to celebrate following what would be the game winning touchdown.

September 19, 1987:  Tim Brown (1984-1988)
     In a bizarre night contest at home, Notre Dame blows past Michigan State and boosts Tim Brown's Heisman campaign.

September 16, 1989:  Raghib Ismail (1988-1990)
     Rocket Ismail would do something against Michigan that no opponent ever had done before.

September 15, 1979:  Bob Crable (1978-1982) and Chuck Male (1976-1980)
     In a true Rudy story, a walk-on wins the game while the All-American changes NCAA rules forever.

September 12, 1992:  Reggie Brooks (1989-1992)
     As long as you cross the goal line, it doesn't matter how you get there. Don't worry, he would be fine afterwards.

September 10, 1988:  Reggie Ho (1985-1989)
     A mostly unknown student from Hawaii would make a name for himself as he got Notre Dame's 1988 Championship season started off on the right foot.

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