September 6, 2011 - Today in ND History Launches!

Welcome! For the past eight months, we've been developing this site and researching Notre Dame's history. What we've found so far contains many interesting events that have taken place over the 169 years since the University's founding as well as events prior to the official founding of the University.

Each day, we'll post a new event that occurred on that day. Further, on special dates important individuals that were influential in Notre Dame's development or individuals that have left their mark on the University will be highlighted in the "Spotlight Series." Notre Dame has also been a player in many national and international affairs; these events will be chronicled in the "Historical Series."

Since we're just getting started, there isn't much information to look up but please familiarize yourself with the site and take a look around. Each day the site will continue to grow and more information will be added. After our first year, we'll have every month filled with events. But until then, we need your help! If you remember a historic moment in Notre Dame's history, let us know! Fill out the online form located here and if it isn't an event we already have planned, then we will be in touch to get more details. Also check the list of events without a date to see if you can help us complete our records. The list of unknown dates is located here.

Until our next update, be sure to bookmark our page, like us on facebook, subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, sign up for daily emails, send the link to your friends and check back daily! Leave us a comment and let us know what sort of events you would like to see. We have many football related entries as well as other sports. Other entries will detail campus life and campus events as well as Notre Dame's role in international affairs.

If you are in the South Bend area, be sure to come to the launch party today at O'Rourke's. Check out the launch party page for all the details!

Go Irish!
~ IrishTrpt07

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Posted On: 2011-09-06 03:15:00 by IrishTrpt07


      Were you there? Have more to add? Leave a comment and let us know!

   Posted By: Senor Chops at 2011-09-11 18:28:33[#8]
I look forward to having a small satellite launch party some time during the AFA tailgate. At the very least, we'll toast one to TiNDH's success!
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   Posted By: Jason G at 2011-09-06 18:40:23[#7]
Hey Jeff,

Sorry I wasn't able to come by for the launch party. Something really weird happened that caused a delay. Anyways, I look forward to being educated in ND history! Great Idea!
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   Posted By: Papanaro at 2011-09-06 18:08:59[#6]
Great idea! I am spreading the word.
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   Posted By: Gail at 2011-09-06 15:04:10[#5]
Congrats and good luck on the new venture. I will check back often.

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   Posted By: IrishTrpt07 at 2011-09-06 10:07:20[#4]
At 2011-09-06 08:52:09, ShayShay posted:
And where is the launch party located in LA?
Have your own launch party! Print up flyers and pass them out. You can even use this QR Code to make it easy.
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