September 22, 2001 - First game post 9/11

Following September 11, 2001 professional sports were put on hiatus. Major League Baseball would resume the following Monday but a home game would not be played until September 21, 2001 when the Mets played host to the Braves. For the entire game, the Mets wore first responder caps of the NYPD, NYFP and PAPD. The Braves were winning 2-1 in the 8th inning, when Mike Piazza came up to bat and hit a two-run home run that put the Mets up for good 3-2. New York needed that win and America needed that win. It was something to take everyone's mind off of the recent events and be able to sit back and relax, enjoying America's pasttime.

American FlagsJust as New York baseball took a break, Notre Dame football was put on halt as well. Their game at Purdue was cancelled on September 15 and they would play their first game at home against Michigan State following the attacks. Prior to the game as fans entered the stadium, everyone received a paper sign. On one side was an American flag. On the other were the words "God Bless America." God Bless AmericaAll of the fans in the stadium held up their signs for an amazing site. (Thank you to Justin Brandon for providing the God Bless America picture.)

At halftime, the Notre Dame band lined up across the field and began playing Amazing Grace. As the song continued, the Michigan State band marched onto the field and ultimately joined the Notre Dame band. The two bands, standing shoulder to shoulder, continued playing Amazing Grace. It was quite a moving experience for those in attendance and a reminder that there was more than a game. Notre Dame would go on to lose the game 17-10. But just as the New York and America needed the win and to move on, this game helped football fans move on. In the end it didn't really matter who won or lost that game (maybe it would have mattered to Notre Dame, in what would be Bob Davie's final season the Irish went 5-6). Below is the video from halftime with the Michigan State band.

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