October 2, 1994 - Women's soccer ends UNC's 92 game winning streak

When talking about collegiate women's soccer, the University of North Carolina's team basically set the bar early on. As one of the first national teams (along with the University of Colorado), they had instant success winning twelve of the first thirteen national championships compiling a 261-6-9 (0.946) record. Notre Dame was a bit newer with their first season coming in 1988. Even though they were more of an upstart program, recruits were beginning to come to Notre Dame hoping to be a part of something bigger. In 1993 Notre Dame made their first trip to the NCAA Tournament and their goal for 1994 was to win it all.

Women's Soccer TeamHeading into the game against UNC, Notre Dame was 9-0-0 with wins against the #6, #7, and #10 ranked teams. Now they were facing #1 North Carolina. UNC were the eight-time defending national champions and had won the previous 92 games in a row, dating back to 1990. The two teams would meet in St. Louis for the second ever meeting behind coach Chris Petrucelli.

In 90 minutes of regulation, neither team could find the back of the net and the teams went to overtime. After 120 minutes, the score stood at 0-0. UNC outshot Notre Dame 25-10 and came close to a win with a shot from seven yards out hitting the crossbar in the 103rd minute. Despite the flurry of shots, keeper Jen Renola would save a career high 11 shots in preserving the scoreless game. This game would become the third record streak that a Notre Dame team had broken. UNC's 92 games won in a row is the D-I women's soccer record.

Notre Dame UNC ChampionshipNotre Dame and North Carolina would meet again in the National Championship match that year. Leading up to this match, the Irish would win thirteen in a row to be 22-0-1 before the championship and rightly earned the #1 ranking. UNC would be ranked #2 following a loss in the ACC to be 24-1-1. The second meeting of the year wouldn't go the Irish's way. UNC won the game 5-0 and another national championship. The team would have to wait a year before getting revenge. If you want to watch the 1994 championship game, it can still be purchased on DVD from Amazon.com.

The 1994 season started the continued success of the program. Behind North Carolina, Notre Dame has won the second most National Championships (3) and made the second most National Championship appearances (12). Current coach Randy Waldrum took over in 1999 and has continued to bring the women's soccer team to the national spotlight.

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At 2011-10-02 09:41:39, John Clark posted:
What year did UNC start their soccer program?
Their first season at the varsity level was 1978. NCAA tournament began in 1982 with UNC winning it from the start.
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What year did UNC start their soccer program?
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