October 10, 1841 - Sorin arrives in Vincennes

When Father Sorin initially left France, his intended destination was not South Bend, IN. After arriving in New York on September 13, Father Sorin and his six fellow travelers began making their way for Vincennes, IN. The journey took 24 days and many trips on boats, horses, and carriages. The contingent had been away from France for nine weeks and were planning to begin a school in the name of Holy Cross here in Vincennes.

If you want to learn more about the early years at Notre Dame, particularly the first 100 years of its founding, then try and find a copy of the book "Notre Dame: 100 Years" by Arthur J. Hope, C.S.C.. It is out of print and can only be found second hand but makes a great addition to any library. If all else fails, the University Archives has a digital version on their website, which is available here.

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