October 12, 2001 - CoMo Fountain dedicated

Coleman-Morse Center opened in 2001 and opened its doors to many campus groups including the First Year of Studies, Writing Center, and Campus Ministries. The building replaced the old Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore. For anyone who has walked through the first floor of CoMo, you may have noticed a unique fountain. Next to the study lounge is a 1,300 pound granite ball floating on water. This ball, named a Kugel Ball for its German origins, is one of only fifty or so such fountains in the United States. The granite ball is kept afloat by only 7 pounds of water pressure. Without the water keeping it continuously spinning, the granite ball would be unmovable. Today, this fountain was dedicated in honor of Joseph and Jacqueline Paese by their sons.

(NOTE: Yes this video is not of the one at Notre Dame but it is the same concept.)

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