October 13, 1161 - Founder's Day - The feast of Saint Edward

Years ago when Father Sorin was our university's first president, each October 13 would be celebrated to honor the feast day of St. Edward the Confessor. He was canonized in 1161 by Pope Alexander III and was the patron saint of Father Sorin. Therefore, the students quickly came to taking the feast day as a time to honor the most important person on Notre Dame's campus. There would be many performances, sporting events, and a large dinner. Eventually, the festivities would be incorporated and tied together with the Columbus Day celebrations. By the 1960s, the extent of Founder's Day would consist of placing a wreath at the base of the statue of Father Sorin.

Today, most students don't even realize that the feast of Saint Edward occurs. Neither do they make the connection to Father Sorin. As an alternative to sitting through the (almost) last midterm, exercise the celebration of Founder's Day.

The Notre Dame Archives did a review of the history of the day which can be found here.

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Posted On: 2011-10-13 03:15:00 by IrishTrpt07


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