October 16, 2004 - O'Connell House dedicated in Dublin

OConnell HouseFor those of you that have been to Dublin or know a bit about Irish history, the name O'Connell should sound familiar. The main street that runs past the post office and past the Spire is named O'Connell Street after Daniel O'Connell. Daniel O'Connell is known as "The Liberator" in Ireland. He pushed for Catholic Emancipation and for a separation from the English Crown. Obviously, a very important person in Ireland. He lived in a house in Dublin near Merrion Square and would give speeches off his balcony. For those intuitive readers that are familiar with our sire, you know where this story is going. Notre Dame is now in possession of Daniel O'Connell's house.

OConnell DoorIn 2002, Notre Dame purchased the property that included the O'Connell house. After renovations, the house was dedicated today in 2004. Mary McAleese, President of Ireland, and Reverend Monk Malloy performed the dedication. Currently it is the center for the Dublin Study Abroad program where Kevin Whelan is the director of the Keough Naughton Notre Dame Centre in Dublin. It had also previously served as a meeting place for the Dublin ACE program. Students that attend the Dublin program take classes at Trinity College and University College Dublin.

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