October 21, 1983 - Cap'n Crunch Eating Contest

The back story to today's post goes back to February 1983. The dining hall had redone its cereal selection and Cap'n Crunch did not make the cut. After a series of sit-ins and other protests around the dining hall, a student running for class office promised a Cap'n Crunch Party if elected. The promise worked and Lee Broussard was elected class president with 58% of the vote. Broussard contacted Quaker Oats as part of his campaign promise and received a welcomed response.

He was expecting to receive a couple boxes of Cap'n Crunch to use as a promotion. Instead Quaker Oats saw this as a great opportunity and wanted to do more than just a couple boxes of cereal. After several conversations between the Notre Dame Administration and Quaker Oaks representatives, a week long Cap'n Crunch Fest was planned. It included a campus-wide treasure hunt and Cap'n Crunch costume contest. Prizes ranged from a t-shirt of the Cap'n and Leprechaun to a free trip to Florida. But the main event occurred on the eve of the Southern Cal game, very similar to today.

With the Cap'n making a special appearance in front of South Dining Hall, a Cap'n Crunch eating contest took place. Not only did quantity matter (as in any eating contest) but unlike the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest neatness did count for Crunch Fest. Quaker Oats originally wanted the Cap'n to ride a ship shaped float at the Southern Cal game but the administration put a nix on that idea.

Thanks to the Notre Dame Archives for the inspiration of the post and having pictures of the event up. There are also numerous newspaper articles from around the country that picked up the AP wire and ran the story of those fanatic Domers.

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