October 27, 2008 - Brad Lidge saves World Series win

Brad LidgeWith the Philadelphia Phillies leading 4-3 after 8 innings against the Tampa Bay, closer Brad Lidge came into Game 5 of the World Series three outs away from a ring.

Lidge was drafted by the Houston Astros after his junior year at Notre Dame in the 1998 amateur draft. He would be the Astros first round pick and the 17th overall pick. After six seasons with the Astros, Lidge was traded to the Phillies. In his first season with the Phillies, he successfully converted 41 saves in 41 opportunities. Up to this point in the postseason, he had also successfully saved 6 games in 6 opportunities.

The first batter, Evan Longoria, popped out to second. One away. The next batter would single to right and eventually steal second. Next up, Ben Zobrist, would line out to right. Two away. The fourth batter of the inning stepped to the plate and struck out on three pitches. Lidge fell to his knees to celebrate as the rest of the Phillies swarmed the mound. He successfully saved his 7th of 7 save opportunities in the postseason.

In the 2008 season, Lidge had 48 saves in 48 opportunities. He would become the first Philadelphia pitcher to have a 100% save rate through the regular season and the first player since Eric Gagne in 2003 (for pitchers with at least 30 saves). Lidge received many awards for the season, but none would compare to the World Series ring he would wear.

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More Phillies posts, less posts for teams in NY/North Jersey
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