October 30, 1953 - Nieuwland Science Hall dedicated

Since 1883 when LaFortune Hall was first built, the science department was housed inside. Father Nieuwland would become famous for doing research to produce neoprene, the first synthetic rubber. When the new science building was built in 1952, it would be named after Father Nieuwland. The science department would move out of LaFortune and be converted to the student center. Today Nieuwland Hall would be dedicated. The Class of 1956 has the personal letters of John A. Gueguen, Jr. that he had sent home to his parents. Below is the letter written regarding the dedication of Nieuwland Hall and the events that followed:

Friday, Oct. 30. Tonight I had the pleasure of playing with the University Orchestra for a special convocation in Washington Hall. The music was rough: an excerpt from a Wagner classic, an overture, and topped off by Brahms' symphony in C. I was lost in places (all sight reading), but followed along as I could with the other two trombone parts. Very enjoyable. Some excellent musicians, especially in the strings-including a fair number of priests and brothers, and some adults. The event was part of the dedication of the Nieuwland Hall of Science and included conferral of an honorary Doctor of Science degree on a research physicist, who then talked about his work: spinning electrodes and atomic research. I could understand him now and then; heavy German accent, but with a touch of humor. This afternoon Archbishop [John Cardinal] O'Hara [CSC] blessed the new building.
-The Daily Letters of John A. (Jack) Gueguen, Jr.

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