November 4, 1993 - Alliance for Catholic Education

Alliance for Catholic Education LogoIn October 1993, Fr. Tim Scully, C.S.C., was asked at a conference what Notre Dame was going to do about the failing Catholic schools in the southern United States. Once back at Notre Dame, Fr. Scully met with Sean McGraw, a future Holy Cross priest, about putting together a solution. Fr. Scully, Sean McGraw, future Law School dean Patricia O'Hara, Fr. Richard Warner, and several others laid the foundation for what would become the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE). The basis of the program had Notre Dame sending twenty five to thirty graduating seniors to teach in elementary and secondary schools in dioceses in the South. In exchange, the teachers in the program would be given instruction on how to teach as well as the opportunity to serve others while living in community.

Posters began appearing around campus and in the Observer with the following tagline:

Tired of getting homework? Then give some!

N.D. and S.M.C. Seniors: Be teachers in the Southeastern United States!

ACE Poster: Tired of getting homework? Then give some!On Thursday, November 4, 1993 the first information session was held for students in LaFortune. The organizers were expecting 30-40 students and had reserved a small room. When an overflow crowd of 186 students showed up to standing room only space, a larger room was needed. The overwhelming student response surprised Fr. Scully and Sean McGraw but would foreshadow the enthusiasm that created a movement to support Catholic education at Notre Dame. The first year, forty teachers were sent to eight dioceses across five Southern states. Each ACE community has teachers placed at schools within the diocese. Together the members live out the three pillars of ACE: teaching, community, and spirituality.

Today there are thirty ACE communities throughout fourteen states. Each year, approximately ninety teachers graduate from the program and a large percentage remain in education. Since 1993, over 1,500 teachers have graduated from the ACE program. ACE has grown to include a leadership program for principals, courses for English as a New Language teachers, and other opportunities to support Catholic education.

ACE Advocates LogoMany ACE alumni along with other supporters of Catholic education remain involved in ACE Advocates for Catholic Schools, a group committed to making Catholic education available to all.

More information about ACE can be found at the Alliance for Catholic Education website.

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