November 15, 1967 - Yaz wins AL MVP and Triple Crown

Carl Yaz YastrzemskiNew York native Carl "Yaz" Yastrzemski grew up in a Polish household playing sandlot baseball. After high school, Yaz attended Notre Dame on a basketball and baseball scholarship in 1957. While on campus, he resided in Morrissey Manor. After his freshman year, without ever playing in a varsity game, the Boston Red Sox signed Yaz for over $100,000 (reports vary on the exact amount between $108,000-110,000).

Yaz would make his major league debut in 1961 and had his best season in 1967. Easily winning the American League MVP, Yaz collected nineteen of twenty first-place votes. The decision was a no brainer as Yaz had won the batting triple crown during the 1967 season with a 0.326 AVG / 121 RBI / 44 HR. No major league player has won the batting triple crown since. In 1989, Yaz would be elected to the baseball hall of fame.

The residents of Morrissey have named their local eatery Yaz's after one of their most famous residents.

UPDATE (10/4/12): Miguel Cabrera most recently won the 2012 Batting Triple Crown (0.330/139/44). The first player since Yaz to do so, with very comparable numbers as well. Maybe the game hasn't changed that much in 45 years.

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   Posted By: John Clark at 2011-11-15 18:05:40[#1]
This is very interesting. Did not know we had this famous of a baseball player. Thanks for the factoid.
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