November 25, 1927 - Rockne with the Babe and Lou

A year earlier, Notre Dame traveled out to California and played Southern Cal for the first time ever. Now, Southern Cal came east to play the Irish at Soldier Field. The night before the game, sports agent Christy Walsh arranged a dinner at the Palmer House. Many prominent head coaches were in attendance along with two very well known New York Yankees.

From left to right: Glenn "Pop" Warner (Stanford coach), George Herman "Babe" Ruth (wearing ND), Knute Rockne, Christy Walsh (sports agent), Lou Gehrig (wearing SC), Howard Jones (Southern Cal coach), Tad Jones (Yale coach)

The event was put together to promote the recently started Southern Cal-Notre Dame rivalry and the Yale-Stanford game. Christy Walsh was Knute Rockne's agent as well as the agent for both Ruth and Gehrig.

The next day Notre Dame would defeat Southern Cal 13-12 and finish the season 7-1-1.

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