November 20, 1925 - Rockne is baptized into the Catholic Church

Knute RockneFor years Notre Dame had come under pressure for having a Norwegian Protestant as the athletic director, football and track coach. There had been tensions and negative views against Notre Dame as a Catholic institution by the prevailing Protestant beliefs in many areas. For reasons only known to Rockne, his wife, and Father Vince Mooney, Rockne had been receiving private instruction from Father Mooney preparing for baptism. Father Mooney and Rockne used many football analogies to relate the Catholic teachings. There were the Seven Sacraments for the line and a backfield of Faith, Hope, Charity, and All-American quarterback Justice.

Notre Dame Log ChapelOn the afternoon before the Northwestern game, a small group headed to the Log Chapel. This group included Knute Rockne and his wife Bonnie, Father Mooney, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hickey - Rockne's neighbors and sponsors. In a private ceremony, Rockne was baptized.

The next morning before the game, Knute Rockne would receive First Communion in the chapel of St. Edwards. At the time, St. Ed's was a grade school and the chapel outfitted with smaller pews for the young boys. Sister Aloysius arranged the seating so that Knute Rockne and his son Knute Rockne Jr. would go up to receive at the same time. Knute Jr. was very confused as to why his father was coming up but overjoyed when he learned that his father was recently baptized.

For more information and some musings on the event, read the reproduced Scholastic story.

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