November 18, 1969 - The Notre Dame Ten

Earlier in the year, Father Hesburgh had laid out what was called the "15-Minute Rule." We will go over the details of the rule in a future post, but it basically stated that any student or faculty member that was protesting would have fifteen minutes to peacefully disband. There was much opposition to the Vietnam War and across the country students were protesting. Today, both the CIA and Dow Chemical Co. (maker of napalm) were conducting on campus interviews. A group of ten people, eight students and two professors, chose to protest the interviews taking place on campus. They were not protesting the war, but instead protesting the University allowing these two companies to conduct interviews on campus.

Students ProtestThe group organized a non-violent peaceful protest by laying down in front of the doorway where the interviews were to take place. Nobody would step over or on them, so the interviews were unable to take place. For the first and only time, Father Hesburgh invoked the 15-Minute Rule. Since the group was preventing work from being done and disrupting the University's operation, they were given fifteen minutes to discern upon their actions and to disband. Fifteen minutes had passed and the group had not moved. Their ID cards were collected and now faced suspension or expulsion.

The entire group would be suspended from the University and quickly become known as The Notre Dame Ten. The case drew national attention and other university presidents commended Hesburgh for his handling of unrest on campus. Seven of the ten did return the following year and earned their degrees.

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