November 22, 1973 - Last home game to not sell out

Notre Dame was 8-0 and ranked #5 when unranked Air Force came to town. The team was nearing the end of their 9th National Championship season and believe it or not, the home game did not sell out. It did not help that the game was on being played on Thanksgiving and many of the students were on break. The official attendance was listed as about 1,800 short of capacity. Those in the stadium saw the team win 48-15.

This game has been the only non-sellout since 1966. Since the 1973 Air Force game, Notre Dame has listed a capacity crowd at every home game since. This streak spans 219 consecutive games. The 200th sellout occurred Sept. 5, 2009 against Nevada.

Editor's Update with additional information from Olson:

The final home game of the 1973 National Championship season-vs Air Force on Thanksgiving day.

The game was moved to Thanksgiving for TV and resulted in the last non sell out game in ND history.

With ND leading 28-6 in the 2nd Q, ND was on their own 21 when Soph HB Art Best took off on a 69 yd run. Art easily could have gone the full 79 yds needed for the td but began to slow down thinking he was going to score easily(clearly planning some kind of show in the endzone).

But Art never got there. An AF DB caught up with the slowing Best around the 10 and just tripped him up with a 'shoestring' diving tackle. To make matters worse, a surprised and disappointed Best immediately got up and spiked the football in frustration = 15 yd penalty.

It was now 1st and goal from the 25. ND settled for a FG. Ara was not amused-Best remained on the bench for the remainder of the contest.

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