November 23, 1887 - ND's first football game

The University of Michigan had been playing football since 1879 and the sport was beginning to gain popularity on the Notre Dame campus. While the Michigan team was on its way to Illinois, they stopped at Notre Dame to teach the game of "rugby football."

Two former Notre Dame students who were now at Michigan, had contacted the head of Notre Dame's intramural program Brother Paul. The three organized the arrangements for the two schools to meet. The meeting started at either 10:00 or 11:00 am and the first half hour consisted of instruction. Players from both schools would change teams to learn how to properly play. After the instructional period ended, a match began with the players playing for their respective schools. With the snow melting on the fields, the game lasted a half hour and Michigan won 8-0.

The two teams convened in the dining hall following the game. At 1:00 pm, Michigan left to catch the train in Niles to Chicago. Two decades later Notre Dame and Michigan would part on bitter terms, but at the beginning there was quite a friendly relationship.

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