November 24, 1979 - ND plays Miami in Tokyo

1979 Notre Dame Miami Mirage Bowl ProgramHeading into the season finale, Notre Dame had a 6-4 record under fourth year head coach Dan Devine. Prior to this game against Miami, Notre Dame led the series 10-1-1. Today, the two teams met for the 13th time in Tokyo, Japan for the third edition of the Mirage Bowl. The game was sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors promoting the new car the Mirage.

While there were over 62,000 fans in attendance only several hundred were American. The game itself was not very competitive. On the opening possession, Notre Dame scored a touchdown and immediately led 7-0. As the rain continued, Vagas Ferguson gained 177 yards rushing on 35 carries and three touchdowns. Notre Dame would win the game 40-15 and finish the season 7-4.

The Mirage Bowl would continue to be played in Japan until 1993.

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