November 26, 1842 - Sorin arrives at ND

Originally in Vincennes, IN, Father Sorin was beginning a school. Sorin had grander visions of opening a university but the bishop in Vincennes could not agree on terms. Instead, the bishop informed Father Sorin about a plot of land the church owned north in South Bend. The land had been secured by Father Badin over a decade earlier. On Nov. 16, 1842 Father Sorin and his band of brothers began the trip north.

Today, the drive from Vincennes to South Bend takes five hours. Back then, it took Father Sorin ten days to travel and they arrived today. Father Sorin met with Alexis Coquillard and the locals offered for them to stay the night before heading to the land. Despite the snow, Sorin insisted they go immediately to look at where his new school would be started. The original name of the place was called "Ste. Marie des Lacs." Oddly enough, Father Sorin would name the school Notre Dame du Lac.

Now Father Sorin had everything he needed now to open his great university he was envisioning. One hundred sixty-nine years later, the university still stands and is greater than Sorin could have ever imagined.

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