December 9, 1935 - FDR speaks at the Fieldhouse

Franklin Delano RooseveltIf you are walking through campus between LaFortune and Stonehenge, then you will see the only remaining corner of the old Fieldhouse. A plaque on the bricks mentions FDR visited and spoke at the Fieldhouse.

Earlier in the day, President Roosevelt was speaking in Chicago after receiving the award for Distinguished Service to Agriculture. That afternoon, he headed to South Bend to receive an honorary law degree. FDR spoke about the recent status of Commonwealth granted to the Philippines at a special convocation at Notre Dame. Notre Dame president John O'Hara introduces the President and FDR's speech can be heard below.

(If audio does not work, listen here.)

The full text of President Roosevelt's address on receiving an honorary degree is available here.

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   Posted By: DENISE RAMAN at 2014-02-18 16:42:46[#1]
I really like how he helped america
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