December 10, 1960 - Tau Beta Pi chartered

Tau Beta Pi BentYou have probably walked by The Bent on South Quad in front of Fitzpatrick many times and either had no idea what it was or paid no attention to it. Upon closer inspection one would notice that it is the symbol for Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society. Tau Beta Pi is the oldest engineering honor society in the United States. Notre Dame represents the Indiana Gamma Chapter, behind Purdue (Alpha) and Rose-Hulman (Beta).

The Bent represents a watch key in the shape of a bent of a trestle. The trestle is the load bearing part of a bridge and originally the the key could be used to wind a watch (however modern watches have their own winding mechanism).

Membership is granted to undergraduates that rank in the top eight of their class during junior year and seniors who rank in the top fifth of their class. Graduate students in the top fifth of their class are also eligible for membership.

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