December 13, 2001 - George O'Leary resigns

Those of you with good short term memory may remember a post from five days ago about George O'Leary being hired as coach. Today, George O'Leary resigned as head coach before ever coaching a game. It quickly came out that O'Leary had falsified his resume.

According to the resume O'Leary had earned a Masters degree from NYU-Stony Brook University. First, he never earned a Masters degree and NYU-Stony Brook is a non-existant university; it is a combination of NYU and Stony Brook. O'Leary actually took a couple classes at SUNY-Stony Brook but never graduated. He also claimed to have lettered in football at the University of New Hampshire but he never played in a game.

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Posted On: 2011-12-13 03:15:00 by IrishTrpt07


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