December 17, 1974 - Dan Devine named head coach

Dan DevineIn 1964 before Ara Parseghian was announced as the head coach, Dan Devine's name was thrown into the mix. Devine was several years into a successful career at the University of Missouri. Devine would be passed over at this time and he would stay with Missouri and go on to finish with a 93-37-7 (0.704) record. 1970 would be his only sub-0.500 season and his departure from Missouri sent him to the Green Bay Packers. When Ara choose to depart following the 1974 season, Devine's name came up once again.

To the dismay of some, one of Ara's assistants Tom Pagna would be passed over in favor of Dan Devine. Devine was stepping into a very difficult position by following Ara, who had won two national championships in 1966 and 1973. It wouldn't be until after Devine left that he would be fully appreciated as fans never really took to him despite his winning a national championship and worst season being a 7-4-0 record.

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