December 18, 1912 - Jesse Harper contacts West Point

When Jesse Harper took over at Notre Dame as athletic director and many sports' coach, he began to look to make a more national schedule for the football team. The team had never traveled further east than Pittsburgh or farther south and west than Kansas. Today, he contacted Army' student manager of athletics Harold Loomis requesting a spot on their schedule. Normally, Army would play Yale the first weekend of November but Yale chose to stop playing Army. On the east coast there was some distaste towards Army as Army would recruit players that had played four years at other schools already. Regardless, Loomis agreed to play and agreed to Notre Dame's $1,000 visitor's guarantee, an amount more than double given to any other opponent.

Notre Dame would play Army the following November 1 and we already know how that game turned out. It would be one for the record books.

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