December 31, 1935 - A tie in basketball

Since 1898, Notre Dame has had only one tie in basketball. The 1935 team finished the season with a 22-2-1 record. Playing in Evanston, Notre Dame trailed Northwestern 20-14 with ten minutes left. There are conflicting reports on the actual end to the game. One story has Notre Dame losing 20-19, the other Notre Dame won 21-20. After the game when both teams were showering, the referees noticed a scoring error in the official box score. Notre Dame should have been awarded a free throw or was awarded an extra freethrow. Regardless of the exact reason, the official scorers changed the score to be 20-20. Notre Dame coach George Keogan was ready to have his guys go back out and finish the game. Northwestern's coach was not as eager to finish as they had lost two weeks earlier 40-29 to Notre Dame.

With neither team returning to the court to finish the game, the final score remained 20-20 and both schools acknowledge the game as a tie.

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