January 7, 1948 - The Special AP Poll

Throughout the 1947 season, Notre Dame and Michigan were ranked #1 and #2, trading the top spot four times. Notre Dame finished the season 9-0 and Michigan finished 11-0, including a win in the Rose Bowl. In the final AP Poll on December 8, 1947 Notre Dame was ranked #1 and was declared the AP national champion. Notre Dame received 107 first place votes and 1410 points while Michigan had 25 first place votes and 1289 points.

Michigan's bowl game was played after the final poll came out. In the Rose Bowl, Michigan beat Southern Cal by a score 49-0 which was the most points scored and greatest margin of victory in the Rose Bowl. Notre Dame had beaten Southern Cal only by 38-7. Since Michigan played such a great game, several writers thought that Michigan should have been declared the champions.

This opened up a debate of which team should be declared national champion. Notre Dame claimed that the final AP poll had already occurred, Notre Dame did not have an opportunity to play in a bowl game, and the Big Nine schools would not schedule Notre Dame. To try and settle the debate, each school's season and common opponents were compared:

Notre DameMichigan
Pittsburgh40-6 (+34)59-0 (+59)
Northwestern26-19 (+7)49-21 (+28)
Southern Cal38-7 (+31)49-0 (+49)
Total104-32 (+72)167-21 (+146)
Opponent Records30-45-642-48-1

In response to the on-going debate, the Associated Press held a special ballot to determine who was the national champion. In this first post-bowl poll Michigan received 226 votes, Notre Dame received 119 votes, and 12 called it a draw. To this day, Notre Dame claims the 1947 national championship based off of the final AP poll. Michigan also claims the 1947 national championship based off of the special AP poll.

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