January 8, 1944 - Lujack plays basketball too

Johnny Lujack is most known for winning the Heisman in 1947 as the quarterback for the football team, but he was also a guard on the basketball team. Behind coach Edward \"Moose\" Krause, Notre Dame went down to Louisville to play the Kentucky Wildcats in what had become an annual affair. Notre Dame led the series 7-2 at this point but Kentucky and Adolph Rupp had won the previous year and were looking to repeat.

At halftime, the Wildcats held a 29-26 advantage and the pace would continue. Neither team would lead by more than five points the entire game and the leader changed several times. With two minutes remaining, Notre Dame led 54-50. Kentucky made a basket to close in 54-52 and Notre Dame had the ball again. With 1:30 left, Johnny Lujack passed the ball to Marko Todorovich but the pass was stolen by Kentucky who went down for the layup and was fouled in the process. The free throw would be good and Kentucky now would lead 55-54. No more points would be scored in the remainder of the game and Kentucky would gold on for their second win in a row.

This particular game, Lujack would not score any points. Marko Todorovich led the Irish with 15 points, Carl Lloyd had 14, and Leo Kiler had 13.

With many of the games between Notre Dame and Kentucky being played in a \"neutral\" environment at the Armory in Louisville, Kentucky now leads the series 42-19.

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