January 13, 1940 - The Kentucky series continues

Notre Dame vs Kentucky Basketball 1940 - Notre Dame in light jerseysGeorge Keogan had assembled several powerhouse teams in South Bend winning two Helms National Trophies in 1927 and 1936. These recent teams were considered one of the best in the country. Once Adolph Rupp took over at Kentucky, Kentucky won the Helms National Trophy in 1933. Beginning in 1936 the two schools began an annual rivalry and would play every year until 1982 (except 1953-1957) when the meetings became less frequent. Since the first meeting in 1929 (which Kentucky won 19-16), the two teams have played 60 times with Kentucky leading the series 42-18.

George Keogan and Eddie RiskaWhile Kentucky had done most of the winning in the last sixty years, early on Notre Dame was the dominant team and continually gave Kentucky trouble. After the first game loss, Notre Dame would win the next seven meetings. Today's game would be the fifth in a row for the Irish. Coach George Keogan would be victories and Ed Riska (pictured left) for Notre Dame would lead all scorers with 17 points. In the picture above from today's game, Notre Dame is wearing light jerseys and does not have the awesome high striped socks.

            1  2     
Kentucky   21 26 - 47
Notre Dame 28 24 - 52

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