January 14, 1939 - Kentucky goes down again

Notre Dame Kentucky 1939Kentucky and Notre Dame would once again meet and for the second time in the series played at the Armory in Louisville. In front of 7,000 fans, a record crowd in the state of Kentucky, Notre Dame defeated Kentucky 42-37.

Notre Dame opened the game on a 9-0 run but then saw Kentucky make a twelve point of their own. After the first ten minutes, Notre Dame had a slim 13-12 lead. By halftime the Irish led 22-19. Many of the Notre Dame points came off of free throws and the team had not missed one the entire first half.

When Ed Riska missed a free throw to open the second half, it drew a reaction from the crowd since the Irish team was shooting so perfectly. The lead would go back and forth before being tied 33-33 after which Notre Dame would control the game. Riska made the final free throw and the score ended Notre Dame 42-37.

George Keogan's squad scored the majority of their points from the free throw line, as a team making 22 of 24. Ed Riska would miss the only two (but made seven others) and the rest of the team went 15 of 15. Joe Ziegerhorn and Eddie Sadowski each made four, Earl Brown had three, Mark Anthony Ertel scored a pair, and Paul Ducharme and Rex Ellis each made one. The team's shooting from the floor was not as stellar as the free throw shooting, together the team managed only ten baskets. In comparison, Kentucky made fourteen baskets and 9-14 on free throws.

            1  2     
Notre Dame 22 20 - 42
Kentucky   19 18 - 37

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