January 18, 1908 - MBB largest margin of victory

Notre Dame has had some high scoring games and big wins in the past, but the largest margin of victory would come in the its third season as a varsity sport. This was the first team sanctioned by the university in eight seasons. The first game back at the varsity level was a 66-2 victory over the South Bend Athletic Club.

In the second game of the season playing at home against Kalamazoo College from Michigan, Notre Dame would win the game 78-8. What makes the spread in the scores so amazing is a basket was only worth one point at this time. Dribbling was not commonplace and the ball was only thrown to the ground for a bounce pass, which was the primary method of moving the ball around. Freshman Justin Moloney scored 34 points, a single-game record that stood for forty-five years.

The 1907-08 basketball team would finish with a 12-4 record. Two of the losses came against Wabash, the eventual champions of Indiana.

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