January 23, 1971 - #1 UCLA's last loss prior to 88 game win streak

Last Saturday Mike Brey joined John Dee and Digger Phelps in an exclusive Notre Dame basketball group by beating #1 Syracuse. This victory was the eighth victory over an AP top ranked team. Digger Phelps was coach for six victories and John Dee coached today's game. Digger's team ended UCLA's 88 game win streak while Dee's team gave UCLA their last loss prior to the win streak. The victory made the ACC (and now JACC) a place where streaks come to die.

#1 UCLA (14-0) riding a 19 game win streak going back to the previous season came to face #9 Notre Dame (8-4). Notre Dame had lost to UCLA each of the last four years but on national television the Irish were ready for a change. They never trailed the entire game and defeated UCLA 89-82.

In the first half, Austin Carr scored 21 points and Notre Dame led 43-38. But as the second half opened, UCLA mounted a comeback and tied the game at 47 with 16:41 left. Center John Pleick would foul out with 14:20 but Austin Carr would score another 25 points in the second half to preserve the Notre Dame victory.

Carr, averaging 37.2 points per game in the prior twelve games, would score 46 points in the game. He made 17 field goals and shot 12 of 16 on free throws. This game marked the seventeenth time Carr would score 40+ points in a game.

            1  2     
UCLA       38 44 - 82
Notre Dame 43 46 - 89

Notre Dame has won seven of nine games against top ranked teams at home since 1968 when the ACC opened. The two games they lost? UCLA 1968 and UCLA 1973.

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