January 24, 1992 - Swim Team Bus Crash

Normally the men's and women's swim team would travel together to meets but since Northwestern had separate programs only the women traveled today. Notre Dame lost the meet 183-117 and then made their way home. The further the bus traveled on the Indiana Toll Road, the worse the snow fell. When the bus passed by mile marker 74 just after midnight, a few miles from the Notre Dame exit, the bus slid off the road and rolled over. Freshmen Meghan Beeler and Colleen Hipp died from the crash and many other of the coaches and players were injured. The news shook campus as word quickly spread when everyone woke up this morning. It seemed everyone knew somebody that was on the bus.

One of the swimmers, Haley Scott would return to the pool and continue swimming. Later, she would tell her story in the book What Though the Odds. The story is also in the process of being made into a movie, which will be the third movie ever to be filmed on campus. Haley shares her thoughts in her blog post.

For those on or around campus tonight, there will be a memorial mass in the Basilica at 8pm. The mass will be broadcast live on the internet as well.

Author's Note: A year ago when it was announced that a movie was in the works, it gave us the idea to put this site together. Many people had heard about the accident and knew some of the details, but most people were not aware of when it actually occurred. We thought it would be a good idea to catalogue the many significant events throughout Notre Dame's long and influential history. While researching events over the past year, we spent the spring and summer designing the site. It all led up to the launch in September and we are still going strong. As of now, we have put 124 posts up and we have over 400 posts queued up. There are 97 days of the year we have not found a significant event for yet so if you know of events that we haven't done yet, please let us know. Thanks for your continued support and be sure to let others know how much you enjoy reading our site each day.

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