February 2, 1954 - Terry Brennan hired as head coach

Terry Brennan had the unfortunate luck to follow Frank Leahy. We listed Leahy's accomplishments two days ago and that is certainly a tough act to follow. Brennan had played halfback under Leahy from 1945-1948 and graduated in 1949. Following graduation, he became the head coach at Mount Carmel High School in Chicago where he won three straight city championships. In 1953, Brennan returned to Notre Dame to coach under Leahy as the freshman football coach. Once Leahy resigned, Brennan was promoted to the position of head coach.

Born in 1928, Terry Brennan was only 25 when he was hired to be the head football coach. Father Hesburgh thought it might be best if Brennan waited and took on an assistant coaching position first since Brennan was so young. Brennan's response was essentially that he was ready to do this now and he would be 26 in a few months.

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