February 8, 1936 - First NFL Draft

In the first NFL Draft, Notre Dame would have five players drafted within the first eight rounds. Prior to the draft taking place, teams could bid on players and after a bidding war broke out in previously years some feared the league would collapse if teams were not given an even chance for players. Philadelphia Eagles co-founder Bert Bell proposed an amateur draft in reverse order record-wise. With his Eagles finishing with a 2-9 record the previous year, the first pick of the first ever NFL draft would be Jay Berwanger of Chicago (Berwanger would never play in the NFL however).

The draft consisted of nine rounds, the only draft having that many rounds. Nine teams participated in the draft: Philadelphia Eagles, Boston Redskins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Brooklyn Dodgers, Chicago Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, and New York Giants. Notre Dame's draftees are:

  • 1st Round, 3rd Pick - William Shakespeare, Back - Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 3rd Round, 26th Pick - Andy Pilney, Back - Detroit Lions
  • 7th Round, 57th Pick - Marty Peters, End - Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 7th Round, 61st Pick - Wally Fromhart, Back - Green bay Packers
  • 8th Round, 65th Pick - Wayne Millner, Back - Boston Redskins

William Shakespeare had made a name for himself in the original Game of the Century against Ohio State. Even though he was the third overall pick, Shakespeare would never play in the NFL. Wayne Millner would be one of four Hall of Famers from this draft class, being inducted in the 1968 Hall of Fame class.

Perhaps the most well known name in the first draft class, the Brooklyn Dodgers selected with the 31st pick in the 4th Round, Paul "Bear" Bryant from Alabama.

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