February 9, 1962 - Fr. Hesburgh appears on Time cover

Father Hesburgh has lived a very impressive and anyone that has read his autobiography will be fully aware. Born in 1917, enrolled at Notre Dame in 1934 (but didn't graduate interestingly enough), and by 1952 had become the 15th President of Notre Dame. Immediately Father Hesburgh began working not only at Notre Dame but on an international scale.

President Eisenhower would appoint Father Hesburgh to his first presidential appointment on the National Science Board in 1954. Fr. Hesburgh would receive a total of sixteen presidential appointments. Two years later, Father Hesburgh would begin representing Pope Pius XII at the International Atomic Energy Agency until 1970. President Eisenhower would also appoint Father Hesburgh to the Civil Rights Commission in 1957. All of this within the first five years of his presidency. The commissions and accolades would continue from here.

By 1962, Father Hesburgh was gaining national exposure and today Time magazine featured him on the cover.

Travels with Ted and NedGod, Country, Notre DameTo learn more about Father Hesburgh's life, read his autobiography God, Country, Notre Dame as well as Travels with Ted and Ned.

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