February 14, 1916 - ND NYC alumni club founded

Notre Dame Club of New YorkWhen Father Sorin first arrived in the United States, he came through New York City. The first mass he said in the New World was at St. Peter's Church, the oldest Catholic Parish in New York City. Once the University was founded, New York City began sending students and could soon count alumni amongst it ranks.

Initially, alumni gatherings were infrequent and somewhat informal. In 1915 the group looked to establish themselves as a more prominent organization. Monsignor Luke J. Evers, an 1878 alum, and several other alumni began registering all the Notre Dame men in New York. An dinner was held with about forty attendees during which a much larger event was planned. Father John W. Cavanaugh, President of the University, and five hundred other dignitaries, city and state officials, prominent citizens, and alumni were in attendance at a great banquet held in the Waldorf-Astoria. Every newspaper in New York had Notre Dame on the front page the next morning. Today in 1916, the Notre Dame Club of New York was incorporated in Albany.

The New York Club would be responsible for selling thousands of tickets for the Notre Dame-Army games in Yankee Stadium, Ebbet's Field, and the Polo Grounds. The club also arranged special trains to transport fans and the subway alumni were born.

Thank you to the Notre Dame Club of New York for having their detailed history available.

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