February 23, 1960 - VP Nixon receives Patriot of the Year Award

Father Sorin quickly embraced America as soon as he set foot in New York. Sorin made Washington's birthday an annual celebration with theatrical and musical shows. These types of celebrations continued for over one hundred years and in 1954 the University created the "Patriot of the Year Award." The award recognized a public figure that exhibited a qualities of a true American of justice, integrity, and service to the country. The winner as voted by the senior class would be the guest speaker at the Washington Day festivities.

The 7th Patriot of the Year Award would be awarded to then Vice President Richard M. Nixon. Senior class president Richard Corbett would present the award to Vice President Nixon along with Father Hesburgh. Nixon's speech on patriotism would be reprinted and distributed as a pamphlet at the 1960 Republican Convention in Chicago, Illinois for the Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge running ticket.

Richard Nixon Patriot of the Year

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