February 26, 1876 - The Centennial Scholastic

With the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence approaching, the Scholastic released a special issue. This issue was requested by the Indiana State Board of Education to chronicle statistical and historical information.

The Scholastic issue told of the importance of sport and exercise that had been stressed since Father Sorin first started the school. Early on, one day of the week (Wednesday or Thursday) was devoted wholly to physical exercise. Some students would hike to neighboring farms to purchase eggs, butter, and other necessities while others would join the Potawatomi for hunting excursions. St. Joseph's lake was also a center of exercise with swimmers and boaters competing regularly. The earliest record of boat races occurred in 1870.

The university accepted all ages initially and divided the school into three divisions based on age. Those under twelve years of age were referred to as minims, those between twelve and sixteen were called juniors, and those over sixteen were called seniors. The seniors were referred to as Brownsons after the great philosopher Orestes A. Brownson while the juniors were called Carrolls after the first archbishop of Baltimore, John Carroll. More recently, those pursuing higher education had come to be known as Sorins. Each of the three divisions had their own study room, dining room, dormitory, and recreation hall. When baseball became popular on the campus, a larger outdoor area was set aside for each division giving way to many sports fields.

Theater was also an important form of entertainment and education. Father Patrick Dillon would put on plays outside under the trees near where the Basilica currently stands. Once Washington Hall was opened, a grand stage highlighted each performance.

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