March 3, 1972 - King Kersten elected Student Body President

In a mockery of student government, and what may have lead to the annual Zahm joke ticket, Robert Calhoun Kersten ran under the platform of an oligarchy as future king of Notre Dame. His running mate was "Uncandidate the Cat" listed as the first female poobah of Notre Dame. Today, Bob Kersten won the election with a record setting 65.7% of the vote and was named Student Body President (SBP). Cavanaugh was the only dorm Kersten did not win, losing by four votes 77 to 81.

King Kersten's reign was surrounded by many amusing antics. While running for SBP, he gave speeches from the fourth floor bathroom in Walsh where he also held regular office hours 4:15-4:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.King Kersten Kersten also staged his own kidnapping prior to the election while Uncandidate the Cat hid in a bathroom stall. After being elected, Kersten claimed to have walked across St. Joseph lake.

Often donned in regal attire, the King made an appearance at the Purdue game in the fall. Kersten's legacy is still remembered around campus since Legends offers a King of Campus steak dinner. The Notre Dame Archives page has several more pictures and articles relating to the election.

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   Posted By: Michael Flores at 2016-05-23 07:32:30[#1]
I was a Junior then and we were all weary of the political environment of the day. Déjà vu all over again - and people think Donald Trump is the first to turn politics on its head!
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