March 4, 1888 - Knute Rockne is born

March 4th, the only day of the year that is also a command. Also, Knute Rockne's birthday.

Knute Rockne (pronounced Ka-newt Rock-knee) was born in Voss, Norway. When he was five years old, his family immigrated to Chicago, Illinois where Knute played football and ran track for his high school. After high school, Rockne worked for the Chicago Post Office saving money to attend college. Four years later at age 22, he enrolled at Notre Dame. Knute Rockne excelled on the football team, a key member of the team that beat Army with the forward pass. As a member of the track team, Rockne competed in pole vault. In 1914, Rockne graduated with a degree in pharmacy as he was a exceptional chemistry student.

After graduation, Rockne worked as a lab assistant to Julius Nieuwland until he took on the full time position as head football coach where he posted a 105-12-5 record. A little known job Rockne had later in his life, from 1928 to 1931 he served as national sales manager for Studebaker. Following Rockne's death, Studebaker produced the Rockne Sedan in 1932. The Rockne Company produced cars from 1931 until 1933 when the plant in Detroit shutdown after producing 23,201 cars. Costing $600 with several engine and length options, the Rockne Studebaker was unable to compete with Ford's V8 automobiles and the Rockne Studebaker nearly sent the company into bankruptcy.

Rockne Studebaker Hood Ornament

Rockne Studebaker RearRockne Studebaker FrontRockne Studebaker Side

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