March 8, 1989 - First ND Softball game

Softball uniformsIn 1989, the Notre Dame softball team played its first game at a varsity level in a game in Evansville, IN. Coach Brian Boulac led his team to a victory against Kentucky Wesleyan by a score of 8-4. Since that first game, the team has posted 23 consecutive winning seasons posting a 944-429-3 (0.686) record. Their best season was in 2001, winning a record 54 games including a nation's best 33 game win streak. That was the only season the team has won more than 50 games when they finished with a 54-7 record. 2004 also saw the team play a record 69 games, finishing with a career second best 49 wins and 20 losses.

Since joining the Big East in 1996, coaches Liz Miller and Deanna Gumpf have guided the team to 13 Big East regular season titles and 6 Big East championship titles. The team has also appeared in 16 NCAA tournaments, including the past 13 consecutive seasons.

The team currently calls Melissa Cook Stadium home after residing in Ivy Field through the 2007 season. For more information and this season's schedule, more information can be found on the Notre Dame Softball website. The Irish open the home season March 27 against Western Michigan.

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