March 17, 1975 - President Ford speaks at the ACC

This would not be the only time President Ford spoke on campus at Notre Dame, but it would be one of the more remembered times (or perhaps less remembered?). From the Presidential Daily Diary, we know that after the President had breakfast, went to the Oval Office, met with several people, and walked across the south lawn in a minute he went to Andrews Air Force Base and flew to South Bend. Once in South Bend, he was greeted by Father Hesburgh and several others and motored to campus.

The President spoke in the ACC just after 11:00am CDT. Secret Service were posted by the entrances to the ACC and they ran into one continuing problem as students looked to enter. Today is, of course, St. Patrick's Day and many of the bars had opened early that morning serving nickel (5!!) beers. Despite it being a Monday, many students decided to partake in the early morning festivities and grabbed an extra cup of green beer for their walk to the ACC. The Secret Service agents were not going to let anyone bring a beverage in so the students chugged their beers, tossed the cup, and went in to listen to the President.

After speaking, we know from the Presidential Daily Diary that Ford received a Notre Dame blanket and warm up jacket from Moose Krause, Dan Devine and Digger Phelps. While a nice gesture, one is left to wonder how much use a Michigan grad would have with Notre Dame gear.

Two interesting notes learned from the Presidential Daily Diary, there were 44 and 47 people on the two flight manifestos of Air Force One. Also, one of the staff members that traveled with the President was Deputy Assistant Richard Cheney (future Vice President).

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