March 24, 1965 - John Goldfarb, Please Come Home

Every Notre Dame fan has seen Rudy and while not everyone has seen Knute Rockne All-American, they have at least heard of it. There are a couple other Notre Dame related movies out there and today, one of them came out (after being delayed a little bit).

Shirley MacLaine Sports Illustrated CoverJohn Goldfarb, Please Come Home is not like the others. Based loosely on the Francis Gary Powers incident, John "Wrong-Way" Goldfarb's plane crash lands behind enemy lines in the Middle Eastern country of Fawzia. To get Goldfarb back home, he and the U.S. State Department arrange a football game between Notre Dame and Fawz University. Unfortunately, the King of Fawzia has a strong dislike for Notre Dame since his son was cut from the Irish football team. Goldfarb, a former football player, has to coach the Fawz U team and everything is in place for Notre Dame to throw the game, solving the international relations.

The University was not a fan of the movie, citing their name being used without consent. The Notre Dame football players were portrayed as "undisciplined gluttons and drunks" as Father Hesburgh said. A defamation lawsuit was brought forth by Notre Dame and while the University did not win (20th Century Fox stood behind the First Amendment), the lawsuit did delay the release of the film originally scheduled for Christmas of 1964.

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   Posted By: Michael Garin at 2012-03-26 06:34:15[#3]
Gee, sounds like it would make a terrific musical!
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   Posted By: Stapleton at 2012-03-24 10:08:20[#2]
No way.
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   Posted By: John Clark at 2012-03-24 09:12:30[#1]
Awesome article. Had no idea this ever happened.
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