April 20, 1888 - ND plays first of two games in as many days

After the first ever football game against Michigan, Brother Paul was president of a football association on campus. He challenged Michigan to return to South Bend. On March 24, it was reported that Michigan agreed to play two games on Friday and Saturday, April 20-21.

Michigan had several injuries to their players but were able to get five starters and six others, plus a referee, to make the trip to South Bend. It's also been contested that two of the players Michigan recruited were non-student "ringers."

Before the game, played at Green Stocking Ball Park, a 100-yard dash between both teams took place. By 3:20 the game started before a crowd between 300 and 800 people. Michigan would go on to win 26-6 and Notre Dame started its career with an 0-2 record.

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