May 2, 2004 - Fr. Ned Joyce passes away

Father JoyceFather Edmund P. "Ned" Joyce was the executive vice president under Father Hesburgh for 35 years. Whenever Hesburgh was away (which was quite frequent), Father Joyce would become the acting president on campus.

Father Joyce was born in British Honduras in 1917, which is now Belize. After graduating high school in South Carolina, Joyce became the first student to attend Notre Dame from the state of South Carolina.

Influential in athletics, Father Joyce was a pioneer in ensuring that athletes were students and students were athletes. After he helped lay the cornerstone to the Athletic Convocation Center on campus in 1968, the building the was renamed in 1987 to the Edmund P. Joyce Center more affectionately called the JACC.

After he and Father Hesburgh retired from the presidency in 1987, the two traveled the world for a year. These trips became the subject of the book Travels with Ted & Ned.

At the age of 87, Father Joyce passed away today in 2004. Fitting at the funeral, Father Hesburgh gave the eulogy held at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The two had made a pact earlier that whomever survived the other would serve as homilist at mass.

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