September 27, 1946 - Brother Angelus aka Brother Dome

By Olson

I just came across an article in the 9/27/46 Scholastic Magazine about an interesting character in Notre Dame history.

I just thought some may find this of interest:

The article is about the retirement of a Brother Angelus csc after over 64 years at ND.

During that time, Brother Angelus knew Father Sorin, Father Corby, Knute Rockne, George Gipp, Frank Leahy and and all the other famous names over that span. He watched the Golden Dome erected on the Main Building, the campus grow from a few buildings in the 1880s, as well as the beginning of ND Football (and everything else that happened from 1882 to 1946).

Brother Angelus was born in Ireland and came to the US when he was 4. He arrived at ND in 1882. Father Sorin the founder of Notre Dame was still living.

By the 1940s, Brother Angelus held the distinction of being the only person at ND that actually knew Father Sorin.

The year 1882 was also the year that the golden dome was first erected over the main building.

Six years after his arrival, 'Brother Angelus made the profession of his vows before Father William Corby who had won fame as a chaplain in the battle of Gettysburg...."

'Brother Angelus's first duty as a brother was teaching in Notre Dame's 'minim' department, which was a school for small boys and occupied St. Edward's Hall. This department ceased to exist in 1920..."

Brother Angelus then went to work for the Ave Maria magazine on campus.

By the late 30s, Brother Angelus settled into the job with the official title 'guest master.' "He was the official greeter of the Administration Building, in addition to being guide to various offices, departments and the classrooms there. To the majority of the students, however, he was known as the watchdog of the forbidden stairs, the man to whom the smoke of a cigarette was the clarion call to duty, the bane of the puffer and the pride and joy of the insurance inspectors."

Brother Angelus was 'affectionately dubbed " Brother Dome' by the students and faculty alike, a man of geniality and warmth who nevertheless could be as terrible as Doomsday to the yodeling freshmen.'

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